How can one improve the conversions on a website? Numerous blogs and articles often attribute better conversion rates to quality content. Whichever the reason, most of them do not give adequate focus on the design factor, which affects your conversion rates in one way or another. Read on and learn more about key web design tricks and tips that will boost conversions on your site.

  • Embrace colour psychology

Colours are known to evoke different emotions. As a web designer, you should consider incorporating colour psychology in your design. This way, you will be able to grab the attention of your visitors without them even realising.

  • Use the F-Pattern

Most people are accustomed to scanning material from top to bottom and from left to right. In light of this, like most seasoned website developers, embrace the F-pattern while designing the layout of your website. Placing key website features like the call to actions along the F-Pattern will certainly boost your conversions.

  • Browser caching

Browser caching essentially means that the browser picks up key features about any site anytime the users visits the site. Enabling browser caching when building a website means that the browser does not have to connect to the remote server every time the user makes a similar request. Caching will tremendously cuts down the loading time in subsequent visits thus making the site more responsive.

  • Optimise your images

As much as you would furnish your site with quality images, you should avoid overloading your site at the same time. Resizing the images according to the page width will help you better the speeds of your web page. Also, take advantage of src attribute to specify the location of external images and make your site load faster.

These few tips will go a long way in improving your user experience and improve your chances getting better conversions. It’s all about the users anyway!